All Bark No Bite - Hindi Man Blues - Track 6

Original lyrics by Aki Kumar
Dedicated to the orange imbecile, POTUS #45
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Now looky here, man. Don’t you kid yourself 
You say we need fixin’? But you’re the one who needs help 
Actin’ high and mighty, an entitled fool 
Got a big-name degree, but we’ll take you to school 

[Chorus] You’re just a barking dog, But you ain’t got no bite 
Now that you’ve taken us on, you're gonna lose this fight 

A fast-food connoisseur, more ketchup than steak 
Like that rug on you head boy, you’re just a flimsy fake 
Now all your talk is cheap, Your "best words" are just lies 
Your bluster don’t scare us, boy, we’ll cut you down to size 


You talk a big game, wavin’ tiny, little hands 
Still a low-class billionaire, with a 2 dollar tan 
All your huffin’ & a puffin’, ain’t nothing but a whole lotta jive 
You’re just a big ol' ZERO, actin' like 45 


Now you’re stumblin’ and stutterin’, as you fall on your face 
And the only thing you’re winning, man, is a shot at last place 
You’re a historic blunder, a blemish and a stain 
But soon you’ll be forgotten, and we’ll be great again

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